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Does it work on my phone?
Not at present, but we are certainly looking to develop a version for smart phones and tablets.

How does it work?
On Timer 1 or Timer 2 (they will both work at the same time independently) click the Start button and the timer will start. Before or during but before you press stop, you can type in a new reference (like a client name or number) or select one you have used before and any notes regarding the current timer session. Press Pause at any time to pause and stop when you are finished.

What is the rate beside the reference?
This defaults to the standard rate in the setup tab, but you can assign a rate to each reference (or client) and it will remember that for each subsequent use.

Why two timers?
We thought, if someone is on one task but gets interrupted with another, they may want to pause the first and time the second task.

What are the report options?
You can choose, for any timer tasks saved under the save reference to 1. View previously unreported tasks 2. View all tasks or 3. Report on tasks for a specified date period.

Why don’t the times on the reports match those on the screen?
On the screen you get the raw time, where on reports you get the rounded time as set on the setup tab. You can always run the report again after changing the rounding on the setup tab.

Why can’t I just print the report to my printer?
Everyone these days had a PDF viewer and this makes it easier to print or email your report. CSV opens with a spreadsheet program or can be imported into other databases.

What rounding should I use?
If you charge say, 120 dollars per hour, charged every 30 minutes or part thereof, then set the hourly rate to $120 and rounding to 30 minutes. You may just want to know actual time (to the second) then set it to 0 which means no rounding.

Should I do the backup?
Computers break down, loose data and do weird things all the time, backing up ProTimerPlus takes seconds (the data file is very small). We recommend backing up to somewhere other than your local hard drive i.e. a USB drive or network

What if I have more questions?
Please send any questions to
pos@possiblesolutions.com.au  and we will get back to you ASAP.

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